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Welcome to Overall Team! You are about to know the training and nutrition system created by Coach Rubens Gomes and the Miss Universe Dora Rodrigues that has made champions all over the world! Today available to all who seek aesthetics and performance results without giving up their most precious good: your HEALTH!
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Dora Rodrigues


Dora Rodrigues is a professional athlete of bodybuilding by WFF, Brazilian based in the United States. She became a two-time NABBA Miss Universe champion and held more than ten international titles. It is considered the most significant reference of the country in its category, ambassador of the sport and international lecturer. Dora is a business administrator and co-founder of Overall Team Fitness Coaching LLC, where she is Health coach and guide clients through her world renown experience!

Rubens Gomes


Rubens Gomes is a high-performance coach, a Brazilian based in the United States and has clients in 16 countries. He has a background in Physical Education, Sports Training in Brazil and Sports Nutrition by ISSN in the United States. He is a nutrition and food supplement consultant. As a coach, he is the record holder with the highest number of titles in bodybuilding in NABBA, NPC, IFBB and WFF federation, owner of 59 international titles and hundreds of regional titles. He is a researcher and a teacher.